Poko is a reusable shopping bag that doubles as a key-holder making it easy to use

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Why choose Poko?

Environmentally friendly

Poko shopping bag is made from polyester that is reusable for hundreds of times. The environmental impact is equivalent to 9 plastic bags. Furthermore, the material for Poko can be made from recycled plastic bottles thus improving its sustainability.

Brand Identity

Poko is a student lead endeavour to rid the environment of the detrimental effects of plastic bags. Poko is supported by the Estonian Environmental Investments Centre among others and is a brand you can trust to improve plastic pollution.


Poko is extremely portable, easy to use and impossible to leave behind. Faux-leather or felt, a Poko key-holder looks fashoniable and fits in any pocket.


Poko weighs about 12 grams which is comparable to the weight of a plastic bag (~7 grams). This means you can weigh your products together with Poko without significant extra cost.


Poko can be washed at 40 degrees. This means you can carry potatoes, grapes, baked goods or anything that could stain the bag and wash it to use it again next time. Poko retains its properties better than any other bag after washing.


Poko may have a larger initial investment but over time it will work out cheaper. Plastic bags are being taxed up to 1 euro per bag or prohibited completely. The cost of plastic bag and its cleaning is hidden into other products and taxes.

Interested in ordering customised Pokos for your business or event? Have a look at the previous work we've done below and ask for us a quote here. Please specify the quantity and the type of logo you would like in your query.

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